Adam Montana: DV 9/5/12

September 5, 2012

in Conspiracy


This is the summary of Post by “Adam Montana” found at Dinar Vets.  These are not the representations of Dinar Summary. They are simply our recaps of the comments made by Adam Montana.

  • Newshound Guru Adam Montana:   Well, we’re here! It’s September 5 and this is the month that they said was going to be the big one!
  •  …if they are truly going to POP this RV this month, they aren’t going to announce it – it’s just going to happen…one thing we know FOR SURE is that they need the new currency ready before they can launch an RV.
  • … as soon as we see concrete evidence that the lower denoms are circulating…that’s when it is happening – not a moment sooner.

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